Nu Way Cleaners

Wedding Gown Services

Gown & Formal Wear Cleaning

Get a thorough gentle cleaning with an environmentally safe dry cleaning process for your wedding dress, tux or formal wear. 

Gown & Formal Wear Alterations

Your big day and some of your dresses or tuxes don’t quite fit or look just right? Trust Nu Way Cleaners’ alteration specialist for your wedding dress, tux or formal wear. 

Wedding Gown Preservation

Planning on saving your gown for your children on renewing your vows in the future? Dust, moths, and even light can destroy that expensive dress. Bring your gown to Nu Way Cleaners, and we’ll box it for you. Using acid-free boxes and tissue ensure that your gown will be protected from things such as dust, dirt, light, and acids from skin and paper that could potentially damage the fabric.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Save your family the stress and time it takes to keep your clothes and linens clean. Try Nu Way Cleaners FREE pick-up and delivery service.
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